Béland Lapointe will ensure that all stakeholders comply with its hazard prevention program and all occupational health and safety (OHS) procedures.

The hazard prevention program is an important aspect of managing an organization.

For any organization under provincial jurisdiction that belongs to priority groups I, II or III, it is mandatory under section 58 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) (R.S.Q., c. S-2.1) to implement a hazard prevention program.

We want our hazard prevention program to be highly effective in our work, ensuring that risks are mitigated and accidents are avoided.


The Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety states in section 2:

The object of this Act is the elimination, at the source, of dangers to the health, safety and physical well-being of workers.

This Act provides mechanisms for the participation of workers, workers’ associations, employers and employers’ associations in the realization of its object.

The Act specifies in section 198: Where it is foreseen that activities on a construction site will occupy at least ten construction workers simultaneously at a particular stage of the work, t

he principal contractor must, before work begins, see that a prevention program is prepared.

Finally, the Act states in section 202: A principal contractor shall see that an employer working on a construction site where a prevention program is implemented undertakes in writing to see that it is complied with.

The hazard prevention program is intended to be shared with and made known to anyone on the site.

The main objective is always to eliminate any health hazards at the source.



Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Safeguarding the health and physical integrity of our workers is Béland Lapointe’s main objective.


The key to success when it comes to occupational health and safety is the ongoing involvement of all concerned:

  1. Everyone must fully adhere to the standards, work with caution and always have safety in mind when planning their work.
  2. Everyone must contribute to the team effort when it comes to prevention.
  3. Mutual assistance guarantees success.
  4. Everyone is asked to contribute, through ideas and suggestions, to improving prevention measures.
  5. Workers must remind colleagues to be vigilant and respect work procedures.
  6. Everyone must participate actively in prevention measures.

Attitudes and responsible behaviours are key.


Given the importance of health and safety, management has established that health and safety measures need to be broadcast widely and that everyone must be aware of them.

The hazard prevention program framework aims to do just that. The program puts in place structures, procedures and instructions to mitigate risk hazards.

The program is also intended to inform all those involved in occupational health and safety at Béland Lapointe. This should be everyone’s priority at all times!


Pierre Boisvert, ENG.
President & Chief Executive Officer