Are you interested in working collaboratively and getting things done?

Are you ready to get involved in the construction process? You can!

This type of agreement allows you to work closely with our professionals in the development and implementation of your project.

By being part of the process, you can follow up on its progress.

This approach also allows you to discuss the ins and outs of the project with our experts directly.


Are you looking to optimize turnaround time?

First, you must submit your needs and ideas to an architect.

Once these are established, the architect will conceptualize your ideas and turn them into plans and estimates.

At that point of the project, it’s important to make sure nothing has been left out.

This allows us to set a fixed price for the work.

This formula is the most common in the industry.

Why? So you know without a doubt how much your project will cost!

You are still involved in decision making for the project at all times.


Do you value peace of mind and prefer to entrust your construction project to us from start to finish?

Béland Lapointe will be pleased to take charge of all aspects of your project, from the initial design of the plans to final delivery of your project.

The turnkey mode provides full support at every step, from start to finish.

Talk to us about your needs and vision: we will make sure we meet your expectations.


LEED – GREEN GLOBE – WELL – BOMA BEST | Are health and the environment at the forefront of your concerns?

If so, this approach will take these factors into account when the project is being conceptualized.

Location, ecological site development, water conservation, energy efficiency, the selection of materials and the quality of the indoor environment are just a few aspects that need to be addressed in a LEED project.

At Béland Lapointe, we have the highest LEED certification!


Are you interested in a digital environment approach?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) approaches a project by conceptualizing it in a 3-D digital environment that includes elements of intelligent contents.

Through enhanced-reality visualization, we can perform different simulations to optimize the quality of a project, allowing us to detect potential issues before construction starts.

This can lead to significant savings of both costs and time.