Your Vision – Our Expertise!

In keeping with your needs and your vision, we will draw on our expertise and experience to ensure that your project is a success at all levels.

About Us

In business since 1983, Béland Lapointe has developed the expertise to be a partner of choice for all your construction projects.

With more than a thousand projects completed, Béland Lapointe’s know-how has been our leitmotif and is well known by our peers.

Béland Lapointe has built a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction over many years.

As a general contractor, Béland Lapointe maximizes your construction investments!


Founded in 1983 by Jean Lapointe and Benoît Béland

Béland Lapointe has completed more than 1,000 projects across the province.

The company stands out because of its excellence and rigorous work.

All this has been possible due to its dedicated professionals: Béland Lapointe is grateful to them for its success.

Béland Lapointe’s reputation has been built one customer at a time.

The Founders’ Philosophy

“Anything is possible” clearly defines the spirit that the founders have handed on. This philosophy lives on today!

Quality is what drives Béland Lapointe. Our future is bright. As an organization, we strive for excellence at all times.

Quality is not based on luck! It is the result of being rigorous, smart and hard-working.

Béland Lapointe’s trademark is being up to tackling new challenges every day.

Our Team

Béland Lapointe is led by Chief Executive Officer Pierre Boisvert, Eng.

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Pierre is the ideal person to lead this thriving company through challenges and successes.

Béland Lapointe consists of a team of 75 employees.

These employees work in Building sites | Administration | Project management | Financial | Estimating | Warehouse. They are the essence of who we are!

Our employees are at the heart of our activities.

healthy workplace is key to retaining the best talent. We make sure all our employees have the proper coaching and mentoring so they can develop as professionals.

Béland Lapointe fosters a team-based, collaborative and open-minded work environment.

Everyone is part of the company’s success.



  • Building structures that stand the test of time


  • Developing a long-term relationship with our clients, based on transparent management

Health and Safety

  • Operating in a safe work environment


  • Always looking ahead to maximize the efficiency of various teams


  • Considering the ideas of our clients and professionals who are working on a project


  • Respecting both people and the environment, as well as schedules and budgets